Monday, October 18, 2010

Inventioneers Say: Time for a Progress Check!

To New Teams:

The Body Forward Rubrics are a helpful guide for your team to make sure you are on track in all areas of FLL. Periodically reviewing the rubrics can help your team members gauge your team's progress! Since every team member doesn't have a copy of the Coaches' Handbook (the rubrics are in the back of the book), have members download the rubrics here: Body Forward Rubrics, 2010 and review them for homework. If your team members are young, have their parents go over the rubrics with them. Then, in your team meeting, review everyone's ideas about how the team is progressing according to the rubrics.

Team members should check the project rubrics to make sure they have covered all areas the judges will be evaluating. If you need to change any part of your project or presentation, it's easier to do that now than later!

For technical rubrics, review and make sure your team understands them and is prepared to answer any judging questions based on those rubrics. For teamwork, use the rubrics to make sure your team-building efforts are on track!

Live, Laugh, LEGO!
The Inventioneers