Saturday, May 11, 2013

SMARTwheel On The Road

The Inventioneers and the
SMARTwheel at the NHTSC
On Tuesday, April 29th, we put our SMARTwheel on display at the New Hampshire Traffic Safety Conference.  This was our third invitation to this event and it was great to see many of our supporters who are the top traffic safety experts in the state!  We had an early SMARTwheel prototype set up next to our latest unit to show the evolution of the technology and visitors were able to test out both designs.  We were able to share our journey through a formal presentation to the 200 conference attendees.  It was a rewarding day full of educational workshops and seminars on all the dangers drivers face on the road.   We had great feedback to the SMARTwheel's latest design and we hope to partner with driver education programs throughout the state, giving new drivers a chance to solidify their good driving habits through SMARTwheel use.

The SMARTwheel display at the
NH Traffic Safety Conference

NHHTC's Fred Kocher Recognizes
the Inventioneers
On Monday, May 6th, the Inventioneers' were recognized for our advances on our SMARTwheel at the New Hampshire High Tech Council's (NHHTC) Entrepreneur of the Year banquet.  Top entrepreneurs and businesses from around the state came together to celebrate entrepreneurship in NH and worldwide.

The Inventioneers with
NH's Governor Maggie Hassan

Governor Hassan spoke highly of our accomplishments and recognized our efforts as an inspiration to other young entrepreneurs.  We appreciate the NHHTC's invitation to the event which gave us another chance to showcase our product!