Friday, April 6, 2012

World Festival Tip: Carve Out Time for Relaxation and Fun

Your schedule will be jam packed each day of the competition.  Have some down-time/relaxation activities planned ahead of time.  Taking even just a few minutes to sing a team song or to spend some time in meditation or prayer can help calm frazzled nerves and refocus your team.

We made up cheery songs about robots, FLL and even Dean Kamen and we are known for breaking into song at the drop of a hat to boost our energy levels or just to remember that FUN is our favorite Core Value. We are always happy when our songs bring smiles to another team.

Take familiar melodies ("You Are My Sunshine", "Bingo"etc.) and make up your own lyrics.  Take some jazzy popular songs and make up a team dance.  We loved "The Hamster Dance" and had lots of fun teaching it to other teams.