Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Inventioneers Top 10 Tips for the FLL Off-Season

Tip #6

Focus on learning all the ins and outs of sensors. Design a basic robot and attach two light sensors, two touch sensors and an ultrasonic sensor (currently the allowable sensors plus the rotation sensors embedded in the motors). Using software, design a line follow program, test out your light sensors, experiment with them, look for line follow programming stubs online, download them and try them out. Put your own twist on them. If you are using Robolab software, contact us at with programming questions.

Find ways to use your touch sensors - put one on the front of your robot, one on the back, try one on an arm attachment - be creative and put them to the test. See how you could use your ultrasonic sensor - where does it work best? Now is the time to learn and have fun, when the pressure is off. Make sure your whole team learns how to maximize the use of these tools. Sensors are your friends!