Sunday, May 23, 2010

Teambuilding with Games

Hi everyone,

We're sharing another one of our top ten teamwork game resources. We call it the Inventioneers Stress Buster Jar. We use these activities at our meetings when we're starting to get tired, we need to reach consensus as a team and need to get the creativity going, or when we have a little frustration with the robot!

Here's how it works. Find a jar or cup (plastic, preferably). Print out the activity sheets: click here. Cut the strips apart, fold and put in the jar. Then just have team members pull one out as needed! Remember, be true to the FLL Core Values - HAVE FUN!!!

Have your team members come up with their own "Stress Busters" and send them to and we'll post them here to share with the FLL community!

Hey - maybe your coaches and parents can use the stress jar at work!