Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Tournament Tips from the Inventioneers

Hi everyone,

Many teams are down to the wire now with qualifiers on Saturday. Here are some last minute pointers for rookies (and others!):

For teamwork judging - have fun, encourage each other, make sure everyone gets a chance to share their ideas either before you start the activity or while you are completing the task. If the teamwork activity is fun - laugh, be yourselves. Make sure the judges know some of the ways you worked on teamwork over the season. Think of the teamwork challenges your team faced early in the season, then remember how you built your team spirit. Bring your funny hats, smile.

For the competition table - don't bring your funny hat if you are going to be a human player unless it stays on really well and won't get in your way. Take off any extra buttons or beads you've collected. You don't want anything to hang over the table or to interfere with mission models or your robot's run. If you are not running the robot, cheer both teams on - remember, the other team is not your opponent. They are kids just like you, trying their hardest just like you are.

For technical judging - show off your robot with pride - you are the experts on your design. Choose the mission you want to demonstrate before you get to the judging session. Your team members should point out favorite features to the judges, talk about how you improved on your ideas over the season. Smile, even if your robot doesn't have its best run, don't be upset, just focus on the positive.

For research judging - try to memorize your presentation lines - it can be a lot of work but it lets you make eye contact with the judges during the session. If you don't have time to completely memorize, look up at the judges at least once during your part, it will help them feel drawn into your presentation. In the Q and A, tell the judges about the most interesting parts of your project, for example, your experts, why you picked your topic, and if you have them, tell the judges about the next steps you have planned for your solution, etc. Listen carefully to their questions and make sure you answer the question asked. Don't forget to have your resource list in hand to show the judges all the materials, websites, and experts you used to complete your amazing project. Be enthusiastic, passionate and confident - remember, you are the experts on your project