Sunday, April 10, 2011

Inventioneers Share Top Tips for the FLL World Festival

We know that there are many teams heading to the FLL World Festival for the first time. We thought this would be a good time to share our top tips for success in this event. We are the first FLL World Champion team to share great ideas for helping teams have a successful World Festival experience. So without further adieu -

World Festival Tip #1

Don't Drown Out the Competition
If your research presentation involves loud effects, singing, chanting, or yelling, try to tone it down. Teams are usually separated by just a curtain during judging. Remember, the team in the adjacent area only has one opportunity to make its presentation, too, and a loud presentation in the next door can make it impossible for judges to hear what teams are saying.

Being drowned out by another team during World Festival judging has happened to us - more than once. Get closer to the judges so you don’t have to be as loud. Try to be considerate, here’s a great place to show your gracious professionalism.