Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Inventioneers Make a Splash at Lifesaver's Conference

Two of us, (TJ and Paige), were invited to speak at the prestigious Lifesaver's National Transportation Safety Conference. We flew out to Phoenix AZ and made our presentation on Sunday. It was a great honor to join the top transportation safety experts in the country to present the latest ideas for improving road and driver safety.

With "Engaging the Learning Styles of Youth" as the title of our workshop, we spoke about FIRST and FLL, which got us started fighting distracted driving, our SMARTwheel, including a demonstration of our ninth generation prototype, and our Don't DUIT student education program. Our session was well attended with about 100 in the audience. We incorporated power point slides, video, animation, and audience participation in our workshop, along with a generous dose of humor. People were amazed to learn we have already met the top transportation officials in the country. Workshop attendees spoke with us after our presentation and applauded our strategies to make new drivers the safest drivers on the road. We also rolled out our new Don't DUIT Tag Game, which was a great hit. Check it out at