Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top 10 Team-Building Tips - Games

We love to share good ideas with other teams and fun games are at the top of our list. We think all teams should include games as part of team meetings to keep energized and of course to have FUN! Don't forget to let us know what you think at TheInventioneers@yahoo.com.
Here's another fun game to play:

The Manners Game
Sitting around a table, everyone starts with a piece of paper. The goal of this game is to write from 1 all the way up to 100 on your paper. This may sound simple at first but here is the catch, there is only one pen for everyone! So you begin with someone rolling a pair of dice and if that person gets a 3 or a 6 then he/she get to take the pen, which starts in the center of the table, and start writing their numbers. Immediately after that person has rolled, the next person takes the dice and rolls and if he rolls a 3 or 6 he grabs the pen (politely!) and starts writing. This keeps going until someone finishes writing their numbers. But if someone rolls anything other than 3 or 6 he/she does not get to take the pen and the the dice are handed off to the next person.

Everyone tries to roll as fast as they can so they can stop the person with the pen from writing too much and of course in the meantime, the person with the pen is trying write as quickly as possible. So this game is really fast and sometimes you do not get to write anything at all even though you rolled a 3 or 6 because the person after you takes the pen from you and you cannot hold on to it! Once you play this game you will understand why it is called the Manners Game!