Sunday, April 24, 2011

In - Again!

The Inventioneers SMARTwheel made it to for the second time this month! Read about us here:

Friday, April 22, 2011

Inventioneers Meet Top Distracted Driving Researcher

We met with University of Utah researcher, Dr. David Strayer, at the NH Traffic Safety Conference. He tried out our SMARTwheel and liked the concept. We look forward to working with him and we may have a trip to Utah in our future!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Inventioneers World Festival Tips

Inventioneers World Festival Tip #3
Shine on Your Own

Keep your coaches at arms length. It’s more important than ever to show the judges that your team did the work, not the coaches. If you need to make some hardware or software adjustments between rounds, make those changes as a team. Consult your coach for general guidance but by now you should be confident enough for your team to make the changes.

Even though "We do the work. . ." is a top FLL Core Value, we have seen many coaches overly involved at the World Festival level. It is disappointing for teams like ours and yours to see teams where the philosophy is win at all costs - even if the kids have to stand back and let their coach call the shots. The judges see

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SMARTwheel Article Makes Yahoo Front Page

We've all seen Yahoo's daily slideshow of interesting news articles on their home page. How surprised were we to see the Inventions by Kids article pop up! We're amazed! Click image below for story.

Inventioneers Make National News on

We're always excited about national coverage of our SMARTwheel! Our invention was chosen for a national article about "Inventions by Kids" and is at the top of the list! The latest news on our patent journey is that we filed for our Utility Patent on the SMARTwheel in December 2010 and are hoping to be awarded the final patent in the next couple of years! Click the image to read the whole story! Article All Over the Web

"Acclaimed" Inventioneers on RITA Webiste

Monday, April 11, 2011

Inventioneers Top Tips for the World Festival

Inventioneers World Festival Top Tip #2

Get Up Close and Personal

Even though you should think three times before incorporation loud shouting, music, singing, etc. into any of your judging presentations, by the same token, make sure your talking parts are loud enough for judges to hear. Typically judging rooms have high ceilings and are separated by curtains or other temporary partitions. It's hard for kids voices to overcome these, combined with the voices coming from neighboring judging sessions.

As we said in Tip #1- get as close as you can to the judges' table. Of course, if you need space to act out any part of your presentation, back up some but for your important points, get close! The judges will appreciate it. It is frustration for them to miss part of your key information because they couldn't hear/understand you. Practice

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Inventioneers Share Top Tips for the FLL World Festival

We know that there are many teams heading to the FLL World Festival for the first time. We thought this would be a good time to share our top tips for success in this event. We are the first FLL World Champion team to share great ideas for helping teams have a successful World Festival experience. So without further adieu -

World Festival Tip #1

Don't Drown Out the Competition
If your research presentation involves loud effects, singing, chanting, or yelling, try to tone it down. Teams are usually separated by just a curtain during judging. Remember, the team in the adjacent area only has one opportunity to make its presentation, too, and a loud presentation in the next door can make it impossible for judges to hear what teams are saying.

Being drowned out by another team during World Festival judging has happened to us - more than once. Get