Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Human Player Clarification

Hi again FLLers,
We have talked to lots of new FLL teams and have found a common misconception that we want to clear up. The topic is how many team members can be at the competition table at one time. The answer is two - at a time, not two only. For those of you who already know this, great. For others, here's the scoop. If it is important to you - and it is important to many teams, including us - to have everyone get a chance to be at the table, plan to have a tag team system. Two members start at the table and get the robot ready to run. The match starts and one person or both step back from the table and one or two more step up. You can cycle through your entire team this way with a little planning and practice.

All the rest of your team members (and coaches) are 'at' the competition table but must all stand behind a taped line on the floor back a few feet from the the table. Changing out team member "human players" is simple - just make sure you don't have more than two at the table by mistake. Other teams like to have the same kids run the robot the entire match or they have two different human players for each of the three table runs. There are many ways to approach the game table - find the one that works best for your team.

Live, Laugh, LEGO!
The Inventioneers