Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Interesting Project Explanations

Project Q and As:
(These are interesting answers! They just highlight the point that if you can directly relate your community and solution to the project instructions, the sky (sorry for the pun!) is the limit!
The Inventioneers

Q: Can space be our community?
Q: Can our team choose the International Space Station or Space as our community?
A: Yes. It is up to your team to decide what you define as your community. Your community does not have to be the place in which your team lives. When we say your community we actually mean a community of your teams choosing. If your team chooses to attend a tournament, the presentation for the judges must include a clear description of your community and why your team chose this community. The mode of transportation and solution that you choose must directly affect your community. Please remember that one part of the Project is sharing your findings and solution with your community. This can be done in a number of ways. It is up to your team to decide the way you want to share your research and solution.

Q: Do viruses count?
Q: Can FLL teams research the movement of viruses as their mode of transportation and create innovative solutions to stop the viruses from traveling or moving?
A: Yes. It seems a lot of teams are thinking about relevant issues happening in many communities all over the world. While the project specifically states that teams should choose one mode of transportation and a problem surrounding that mode of transportation with hopes of making it safer and more efficient, the unique idea of stopping the mode of transportation such as a virus is a noteworthy cause and we do want to allow the teams be able to find a solution to stop the spread or movement of a virus such as the H1N1. So, after consulting with many on the FLL team we have decided to allow this mode of transportation and wish the teams a lot of luck in finding the solution to helping stop the spread (or movement) of a virus of your choosing.