Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Inventioneers Update

We are getting ready for the World Festival!

As many of you know,right now our team is getting ready to compete in the World Festival in Atlanta, Georgia! We are so excited to be retourning to the Georgia Dome to compete with FLL teams from around the globe! Here are some of the ways we are preparing:

* Building up our teamwork skills though games, snacks, and just having FUN
* Perfecting our robot and then running lots of reliability testing!
* Following through on our research down at MIT
* Spreading our Don't DUIT campaign to even more people
* Telling lots people about FLL

* Finding new ways to raise funds to make our trip to Atlanta possible (any help is greatly appreciated! You can email us at TheInventioneers@yahoo.com)

Those are lots of ways how we are preparing to compete at the World Festival but there is one last thing to do, start a packing list! =)