Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Inventioneers Award First Annual Patent Scholarship

What a great time we had at the NH State FLL Championship Tournament! We slept in (we got to the tournament at the crack of 9 a.m.) since we weren't competing, gathered our camera equipment, and once we were at the tournament, we got to work on shooting the footage for our new project video! So many people came up to us to say hi and to say thanks for all the support, mentoring and training we have provided to them over the years.

The Inventioneers Big Idea Patent Scholarship Trophy

Then it was on to the Inventioneers Big Idea Patent Scholarship Award. We took the floor with our partner Attorney Vern Maine to present the award. We had an awesome trophy made which we customized - it was cool (see photo above). Congratulations to the winners - the Lego Mind Freaks from Manchester! They have a cool heart monitor device which they will be able to obtain a provisional patent on with the help of Attorney Maine and his staff. They were ecstatic and we were so happy to make this scholarship possible. Stay tuned for more on patent scholarships for next season! (click image below for the whole story)

The Inventioneers, scholarship sponsor Vern Maine,
and the scholarship winners, the Lego Mind Freaks