Thursday, October 13, 2011

Watch The Inventioneers FLL Project Video !

Over the last eight years, we've mentored hundreds of teams teams in person, through email, by phone and Skype. The one frustration shared by new teams has been uncertainty about how to approach the Project. How do we get started? What does a Project Presentation look like? And more. We know having guidance in those areas would have helped us in our early years.

Last summer, we began a collaboration with FIRST to create a fun FLL Project video aimed at new teams - coaches and kids. We wanted it to be funny and engaging, informational and encouraging. After countless outlines, storyboards, revisions, site surveys, finding talent, shooting and finally the hours and hours of editing, we finished the video in March 2011. It went out t0 10,000 registered teams.

We hope it gives new teams a jumping off (or jumping in) point to get rolling on the Project. It has always been one of our favorite parts of FLL (along with the robot, teamwork and Gracious Professionalism!).

Many teams have emailed us asking if the video was available online so that team members could access it from their respective homes. FIRST has put it on YouTube for just that purpose.