Wednesday, December 9, 2009

State Tournament News

Congratulations to all the teams who participated in the NH State FLL Championship tournament on Sunday, December 6th. We were so happy to see so many rookie teams experiencing their first big tournament. I guess we can't call them rookie teams anymore!!

We give a big "High 5" to Kerry Creeden and Chris Palie of BAE Systems for putting together an awesome event and "High 5" also to all the volunteers who judged, supervised, oversaw, refereed and herded teams throughout the day. The robots were great and we always marvel at how rookie teams can take a concept that we, as veterans, gave up on and then make it look so easy. You guys make FLL Rock!!!!

We were honored to receive the Champion's Award and we plan to make NH proud at the World Championship in Atlanta in April 2010. We so appreciate the BAE grant making it possible for us to attend!

Thanks also for the tremendous support we felt from NH teams. We know that FLL is a life-changing program that develops key life skills and ingenuity - and that makes all of us FLLers winners!