Monday, December 21, 2009

Survey Answers

Survey on Dangers of Distracted Driving

While most of the survey questions asked for your opinions, some tested your Don't DUIT knowledge. Here are the correct answers: (if you haven't taken the survey, don't peek at these answers yet!)

7. If you wrote a 4.6 second text message while you were driving 55 miles per hour, how far would you drive with your eyes off the road?

Answer: The length of a football field (360 feet).

8. If you had to guess, how much does texting while driving increase crash risk? *

Answer: 23 times more likely

9. Eighty-three percent of people surveyed agreed that driving under the influence of texting (DUIT) should be outlawed. The 17% of people who were against the ban fell into what age group?

Answer: 18-19

10. Ninety-three percent of rear-end crashes involved drivers glancing away from the forward roadway for:

Answer: 3 seconds

11. Drivers take their eyes off the road for about how long while writing an average text message?

Answer: 5 seconds

12. How much extra stopping distance does a driver who is text messaging need beyond what an attentive driver needs? *

Answer: 40 feet