Friday, December 4, 2009

Things to Bring to a Tournament

Lots of us here in NH are getting ready for the state tournament being held on Sunday, December 6th. Here are some things we want to remind you to bring to a tournament.

Technical/Game Table

-Robot and attachments

-Computer with programs and download cable

-Spare LEGO parts (a "first aid kit")


-Any props you might have

-Any visual aides you might have

-Resource list


-You really don't bring anything into teamwork judging except your team and great teamwork. Remember to have fun!

Pit and other

-Pit display board about your team/project if you have one

-Give away(s) if you have any

-A bin if you to store coats (especially with snow in the forecast!) under your pit table to keep them contained and out of the way.

-An extension cord/power strip if you want to plug in a computer or charge your batteries

Remember, have lots of fun, cheer for every team, come see us at our pit if you have a chance, and good luck!